One of the first steps of registering a company in Indonesia is to get approval to the proposed company name. makes that process simple – by providing an automatic Indonesia company name check.

The tool checks whether a company with the same name is already registered or not. It does not guarantee that the name itself will be approved by the Ministry of Law and Human Rights of Indonesia but it’s a critical step.

You can also use it to check whether a company you are planning to do business with is actually registered in Indonesia or not and acquire shareholding information from our partners at Companies House Indonesia.

Company name requirements in Indonesia

In order for a company name to be approved, it needs to meet the following requiremnts:

  • The company name has to include at least three words. You might encounter companies with shorter names – those were set up before the regulation changed a few years ago.
  • No misleading words. For example, if you are a software development company, your name should not sound as if you are a hotel.
  • The name cannot be similar to an existing company or institution. Be especially careful about using names that might resemble government institutions – those are surely not approved. Use the Indonesian company name check tool below to make sure that your proposed name does not sound similar to an existing company.
  • No profanities.
  • No numbers or special characters.
  • Use words in English (if you are registering a foreign-owned company) or Indonesian (if registering a local company). Don’t use words that are not common in the aforementioned languages, unless they are also your brand.

Indonesia company name check tool

Use the tool below to check whether a company name is already registered in Indonesia.

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